Greymouth formed NZ Geophysical in 2010.An Aries II acquisition system with 2400 channel capability was purchased along with shot hole drilling and surveying equipment.  Marine cases and cables were also acquired that allow recording of transition zone data.
Following 2D, 2D TZ andonshore 3D surveys in Taranaki the spread was mobilised to Chile in 2012. Over the following 3 seasons, 840 sq km 3D and 455km 2D onshore seismic as well as 225 sq km 3D and 225 km 2D transition zone seismic was acquired onshore and throughthe Straits of Magellan.


Trimble R7 GPS (5)
Trimble Software
Garmin handheld GPS (15)

Marooka drilling rig (4)
Walk-behind drilling rig (4)
Self-driven compressors (4)
Auger and conventional stems
Loading poles

Transition Zone
Marine Cables (251)
Marine Baseline cables (21)
Marine Cases (246)
Hydrophone squirters
Sercel 250 cu in GI Guns, umbilicals and spares
Air compressor and spares
Sonardyne transponders, bouys and floats
Seismic recording truck body


Aries II Central system, Power supply, 4QP processor module, monitor and rack
IYSYS plotter, LTO tape drive
Shooting systems and radios (2)
Aries II 8 channel RAM (314)
Aries II Tap (18)
Baseline repeaters (14)
Batteries (415)
Aries II R-line Cables – 220m, 4@ 55m (637)
Aries II R-Line cable  - 290m, 8@ 36m (20)
B-Line cable (39)
Land Geophones (2495)
Swamp Geophones (491
Helibags (240)
Test units, cable checkers, spares and repair kits

2008 Ford F550 Superduty (Recorder)
John Deer Gator 4x4 Diesel (2)

  NZ Geophysical
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