Greymouth Petroleum holds a combined 642.6 square kilometres of petroleum acreage in New Zealand, with six mining permits and five exploration permits located in the Taranaki Basin.
Greymouth operates all its concessions.
Mining Permit Summary
  • In 2006 Greymouth announced the discovery of the Turangi Gas Condensate Field onshore Taranaki. Greymouth’s Turangi-1 well (drilled in 2005) encountered Kapuni group sands and the discovery of a condensate rich gas field was declared.

  • The Turangi Production Facility was completed in 2007 and included a hot-tap connection to the Maui Pipeline
  • These established contiguous gas/ condensate/oil fields (Kaimiro, Ngatoro, Goldie, Windsor) are located at the base of Mount Taranaki.
  • The Kaimiro production facilities process oil and gas from the fields. The fields are connected into the TWN and Vector gas transmission networks. The oil is transported by the TWN liquids line.
  • In 2008, Petrochem Limited (a Greymouth operating entity) re-entered the Kowhai-A1 well(the discovery well was drilled in 2006 by Swift) and declared Kowhai a commercial discovery in 2009.
  • The Kowhai production station and associated facilities were completed and interconnected to the Maui Pipeline in late 2009.
  • The Moturoa mining permit is the site of New Zealand’s first producing oil field, located in the vicinity of the Port in New Plymouth.

  • Moturoa is currently producing minor amounts of oil .
  • The Radnor and Surrey fields are established oil and gas fields where Greymouth is undertaking various operations.
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